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Observable and peers

A immutable asynchronous stream


Types that can be subscribed to:


Observable<T>: T* (Completion|Error)
    - Base reactive class

Single<T>: T (Completion | Exception)

Completable: Completion | Exception
    - effectively Single<Unit>

Maybe<T>: T? (Completion | Exception)
    - effectively Single<Unit?>

    - a backpressure-enabled base reactive class, new in RxJava 2.0

subscribe to one of them causes event to flow through observer.

"Hot" and "Cold"

Transformation and Operators

"transforms" a observable

-- map as in Array#map
map     :: Observable T1 -> (T1 -> T2) -> Observable T2

-- flatMap or (map and then flatten)
flatMap :: Observable T1 -> (T1 -> Observable T2) -> Observable T2

-- filter as in Array#filter
filter  :: Observable T1 -> (T1 -> bool) -> Observable T1

-- doOnNext: like Array#tap in ruby
doOnNext :: Observable T1 -> (T1 -> void) -> Observable T1

Back pressure

  • when consumer is not able to handle all events from upstream
  • Makes difference on hot observables than cold ones


  1. Observable<T> Observable.create(Observable.OnSubscript<T> onsubscribe)
  2. Observable<T> Observable.just(T value)


  1. A complete Subscriber<T> with onNext / onCompleted / onError
  2. Action1<T> that only responds to onNext
    • Q: what if it completed / errored?


  • Observer


  • From existing collection: Observable::create
  • From existing value: Observable::Just





I am still in a process to generalize different "value containers".

For a value type T, we have:

  • T itself
    • exactly 1 value, already available for computation.
  • Array: T[] or Array<T>
    • 0 or many values, already available for computation.
  • Promise: Promise<T>
    • exactly 1 value, or exactly 1 error (or stay unresolved)
    • "timeless": then/catch handlers bound to a Promise gets executed after resolve
      • so is subsequent promises retured by then/catch
  • Observable<T>:
    • 0 or many values, followed by a complete or a error (or never finishes)
    • handlers (subscribers)
    • Flowable<T> have same form but different behavior
  • Single<T>
    • Completable is effectively Single<Void>